Getting back into the job market after a debilitating injury or disease can be challenging, but it is certainly not impossible.  Accessibility Service, Inc. specializes in helping quadriplegics achieve independence in their everyday lives.  The autonoME is an environmental control unit (ECU) and speech generating device (SGD) all in one package.  Its accessibility options feature different inputs including sip and puff, eye gaze and the head tracker.  Virtually anyone with any type of disability can achieve a comfortable level of independence with the autonoME.  Let’s take a look at some career options a quadriplegic might consider:


The autonoME is an augmentative and assistive communications (AAC) device, allowing the user to effectively communicate.  Many quadriplegics who are teachers and/or instructors have learned how to adapt to their trade using assistive technology.


Retail establishments, municipal office buildings and model home centers are just a few of the many establishments that hire friendly faces to greet their customers.

Professional Writer

Former Orlando, Florida action reporter Ellen MacFarlane was struck with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in the prime of her life.  Although she had a progressive form of the disease, she did not let it stop her from writing books about her life and illness.  In fact, MacFarlane, who lost all movement from the neck down, wrote the majority of her books with the help of an early assistive technology device.  Today, the autonoME offers writers the ability to compose books, blogs, short stories, scripts and anything else they choose to write.

Motivational Speaker

Actor Christopher Reeve is one of the most well-known quadriplegics who used his story to motivate others.  However, you don’t have to be as famous as Christopher Reeve to make an impact.  Companies, organizations, and associations are always looking for interesting and motivating stories.  These types of gigs allow you to travel, meet people and have fun…all while getting paid.

There is a whole world of exciting opportunities available for quadriplegics. You may remember Manny Galan, the young man who plans to use his autonoME to attend college and eventually become a nuclear engineer. He has a bright future ahead of him!

Contact us today to find out how we can customize the autonoME to help you meet your career goals and objectives.

It is highly recommended that you conduct regular maintenance on your autonoME and its accessories.  The beauty of your environmental control unit (ECU) / speech generating device (SGD) is that it is fairly simple to clean and maintain.  The microphone, microphone widescreen, sip and puff filter and straw should be cleaned and/or replaced as needed or at a minimum of every three months:

  1. Remove the microphone sponge windscreen and clean the microphone tip with alcohol.
    Note: When used in a hospital or long term care setting, a new windscreen should be attached each time a new person uses the microphone.
  1. Replace the sip and puff filter and straw.
    Note: When used in a hospital or long term care setting, the sip and puff filter and straw must be replaced with each new patient or per hospital infection control policy.

Note: When used in a hospital or long term care setting, the sip and puff filter and straw must be replaced with each new patient or per hospital infection control policy.

Maintaining Your autonoMEWhile you may wipe down your autonoME and accessories with a cloth moistened with any hospital grade disinfectant, please be sure to not submerge or spray the tablet computer, wall mounted box, PDI articulating arm and flexible bed mounted microphone or sip and puff arm with any liquid. The autonoME tablet comes equipped with a protective screen cover to shield the unit from harsh chemicals and scratches. If the protective screen cover is removed, only isopropyl alcohol should be used to clean the screen.

If you have any questions on how to maintain your autonoME, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Your safety and health is one of our top priorities!

New Breakthrough Offers Hope to Those with Autoimmune DiseasesAutoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS) can cause paralysis in its most progressive form.  We understand the devastating effects of MS all too well.  We have several clients who have MS and use the autonoME environmental control unit/speech generating device to help them achieve independence.

Earlier this month, some promising research was released.  The research involves a more targeted and specific immunotherapy approach. A research team at the University of Maryland is targeting lymph nodes to create specific immune responses.  People with MS have T cells which attack the myelin sheath. This causes damage, which can ultimately lead to paralysis. The new study involves reprogramming the tissues of the lymph nodes to generate immune cells.  These cells then make their way to the brain to stop the attack on the myelin sheath. Early lab testing indicates that this has the potential to reverse paralysis. If this research proves successful, it could benefit individuals with other autoimmune diseases as well, including Type 1 diabetes.

We would like nothing more than for a cure to be discovered for diseases like MS! Learn more about this groundbreaking research.

Grid 3 Software – The Gold Standard in Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Grid 3 version 3.0.20 was released earlier this month.  If you have not yet updated your software, here are some features you can look forward to in the latest version:

Updated Web Browser

The updated browser is more compatible with sites such as Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp.

Creating Activities

The latest Grid 3 version features updated Activation order and Single activation commands for creating activities.

Enhanced e-Mail Commands

The e-mail grids feature new commands, including “Forward”, “Reply to Sender” and “Reply to All”.

Battery Meter

Monitor your batteries with the new live cell, which supports multiple batteries and displays your battery percentage in real time.

New Z-Wave Option

You can now use Z-wave with a family hub thanks to the Receive configuration option.

Sleep Screen

The enhanced sleep setting allows you to turn the screen off manually, dim the screen, and turn it off when not being used.

The latest Grid 3 version also addresses a few bug fixes.  Have you downloaded it, yet?  If so, let us know. We would love to hear your feedback!

Amazon Echo Grid Set Now Available

Photo credit: Courtesy of Amazon

The Amazon Echo now has its own grid set! The Amazon Echo took the world by storm back in December, making it one of the hottest holiday gifts. Now, users can operate the echo using their Grid Pad. You need to make sure you are using the latest Grid 3 software. Once the grid set is enabled, you can communicate with Alexa using word lists, which you can edit to suit your preferences.

The grid set makes it easy to access popular Amazon Echo functions, including music and radio, entertainment, smart home devices, alarms, timers and more. You will need to complete the initial set-up of your Amazon Echo first, which includes connecting it to your Wi-Fi and setting your defaults. You can enable skills on the Echo using your grid set. You can even create custom commands for each skill. Amazon Echo skills include games, jokes, news feeds, education and reference and more. It even has a March Madness skill!

If you have used or plan to use the Amazon Echo grid set, let us know how you like it. We would love to hear your feedback.

Download the Amazon Echo grid set here:

Grid Pad Go – Now in Two Sizes! 1New in 2017, the Grid Pad Go now comes in your choice of two sizes.  The Grid Pad Go 8 still has an 8” capacitive touch screen.  The latest addition – the Grid Pad Go 10 – features a 10” capacitive touch screen.  Both models boast the powerful Grid 3 software, complemented by the Windows 10 operating system.  And, with 4GB of memory, a 54 GB hard drive, and an Intel® HD Graphics Intel video card, either system can perform even the most advanced tasks. An integrated ruggedized casing, short hand strap and longer body strap makes this lightweight device perfect to take on the “go”.

Assistive technology becoming more and more important to individuals with spinal cord injuries and debilitating diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).  We are living in a society driven by electronics, which means environmental control units (ECU) and speech generating devices (SGD) give quadriplegics more access to the world than ever before. Assistive technology such as the Grid Pad Go can be used to check e-mail, chat with other on the Internet, make purchases online, connect through Social Media, stream movies and television shows, and much, much more.

Check out our new online store where you can easily compare different products and explore software options. Complete the Request Quote form and one of ASI’s representatives will contact you.  It is important to make sure you are purchasing the best unit/package for your needs.  We spend the time it takes to help you understand the different options and customize each product specifically for you.

Veterans Administration BenefitsVeterans with qualifying disabilities may be eligible to receive the autonoME environmental control unit/speech generating device free of charge through the Veterans Administration (VA).  In fact, we have customized and installed the autonoME in the homes of hundreds of veterans.

The autonoME is specifically designed for individuals with spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and quadriplegics as well as individuals with debilitating diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).  It allows individuals to completely control their environment (i.e. turn on fan/lights, control their bed, television and telephone, call a nurse or caregiver, open a door, use a computer, etc.).  Each autonoME is customized for the client and can be operated using a number of technologies.  For instance, the autonoME can be equipped so non-verbal individuals can control the unit using their eyes, etc.

When you receive your autonoME, you are not on your own to figure it out.  We understand everyone has different needs, so we send a technician to your home to customize and install the package and work with you and your caregiver on how to utilize its features.  We also provide ongoing customer support, which we personally handle. If you or a loved one are a quadriplegic, have a brain or spinal cord injury or disease such as ALS, talk with your VA representative to see what benefits you may qualify to receive.

The VA also publishes an online guide, Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors. It is well worth checking out!

Today we will take a look at the various input methods that can be used with the autonoME. Clients use the autonoME as an environmental control unit (ECU) and speech generating device (SGD). In fact, its alternative augmentative communication (AAC) features are especially popular.  Each person’s needs are different, so we customize the autonoME for every user.  Let’s take a look at some of the input methods/devices that can be used with the autonoME:


The autonoME features a directional microphone which can be pointed toward the user. He or she can then speak voice commands directly into the microphone.


The autonoME’s capacitive touch screen allows users to touch and activate the commands they want to use. The autonoME comes equipped with a stylus pen.  The screen responds to both the stylus and finger touch.

Switch Scanning

The autonoME’s Sip and Puff switch, which is included with each package, allows clients to activate commands by sipping and puffing on an attached straw, which activates the switch. The switch scanner enables the user to move across and down the screen using either a single or dual switch.

Eye Tracking

Eye tracking allows the user to activate commands using their eyes. The user simply initiates the command by staring into a camera that is mounted underneath the autonoME which tracks the movement of their pupils.   The camera allows the user to move the cursor left, right, up and down the screen.

Head Tracking

Head tracking is very similar to eye tracking except head movements are used to operate the mouse. The camera is mounted on top of the autonoME and metallic sticker is placed near the middle of the user’s eyebrows.  This allows the client to move his or her head up, down, left or right to control the curser and activate commands.

It is important to note that a combination of devices can be interchanged.  One popular combo is voice and switch scanning.  Different input methods can be configured and controlled in the User settings. Do you or someone you know want to learn more?  If so, contact us for a complimentary consultation.

autonoME features Part 4

As you know, the autonoME is an environmental control unit (ECU) and speech generating device (SGD) all in one single, convenient, integrated package.  We’ve been highlighting different features of the autonoME, and today we are going to talk about how it performs as an SGD.

The autonoME includes all of the features of a traditional SGD, including customized speech generation and augmented speech.  In fact, the autonoME has its own Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) menu.  This menu includes access to a keyboard for typing words and sentences, which can be used as a traditional keyboard, or, operated with Eye Gaze, sip & puff and head tracking. There is also a message bank where you can input and store terms and sentences that may be spoken on a regular basis (i.e. I am hungry; thank you, etc.).  The grid sets are designed specifically for non-verbal users, allowing the autonoME to speak for them and essentially become their voice.

During installation, ASI spends time working with patients, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, caregivers and designated hospital staff to demonstrate the autonoME’s AAC capabilities. Please reference our comparison chart to see how the autonoME compares with traditional ECUs and SGDs.

Hospitals, rehabilitation and nursing facilities – we have technicians who will travel to your site and demonstrate how the autonoME can increase patient satisfaction. Contact us today to set up a customized and complimentary consultation.

This is part two of a multi-part series highlighting the features of the autonoME environmental control unit (ECU)/speech generating device (SGD) package. Last time, we discussed how the autonoME controls television.  Today, we are going to explore some additional ways the autonoME can be used for entertainment.


The autonoME is equipped with a number of games including chess and the ever popular solitaire.  You can also access additional grid sets for more games and apps.


The Kindle e-reader is pre-installed on every autonoME.  Access thousands of books and other media.

Internet Radio

Enjoy your favorite tunes from an endless number of Internet radio stations.


Your autonoME is equipped with Microsoft Windows. Surf the web, create documents, send and receive e-mail, use a calculator and more.

Two-Way Camera

Take photos or selfies and share them with your family and friends.

Social Media

Update your status, create posts, send Tweets, etc. by accessing grid sets built specifically for Social Media.

Our next article will highlight how the autonoME is used for speech generation.