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ABILITY JOB FAIR Holds Online Video Career Fair

for Individuals with Disabilities

We have been featuring different jobs for quadriplegics on our website each month.  This month, we want to highlight the ABILITY JOB FAIR, which is holding an online video career fair specifically for individuals with disabilities.  The ABILITY JOB FAIR takes place on Thursday, October 25, 2018 from 1:00pm – 3:00pm Eastern and will include employers such as Facebook Careers, Waste Management and If you would like to sign up or learn more about this online job fair, visit

The event is part of the abilityJOBS, a website dedicated to connecting recruiters with individuals with disabilities.  If you cannot attend the online job fair, but you would still like to explore job opportunities for quadriplegics, is another great resource to consider!

Accessibility Services, Inc. specializes in quadriplegic assistive technologies designed to help individuals achieve independence.  Our signature autonoME is an environmental control unit (ECU) and speech generating device (SGD) combined into one convenient package.  Since every disability is different, we design a custom environmental control unit with augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) capabilities to fit each individual we serve.  One of the most popular features of the autonoME is its ability to accommodate different input methods such as touch, voice, sip and puff, eye gaze and head tracking.

ECU devices have revolutionized the way quadriplegics interact with their surroundings.  The autonoME is especially popular with job seekers because of its ability to not only help individuals control their environment but communicate as well.  We encourage the quadriplegics we serve to check out the abilityJOBS website to learn more about how they can connect you with potential employers and help you find an enjoyable, fulfilling career.

environmental control units

Accessibility Services, Inc. (ASI) has been on the forefront of providing communication devices for quadriplegics and environmental control units for disabled individuals for more than two decades.  We have witnessed first-hand how advances in technology have made the difference in the lives of quadriplegics and their families.

While we focus primarily on environmental control units and speech generating devices, other types of adaptive equipment for quadriplegics have also helped make the impossible possible.  Check out this story of a quadriplegic who broke his neck in an accident 15 years ago.  Pieter du Preez from Johannesburg is completely paralyzed below the chest, and can only move his wrists, biceps and shoulder.  Yet, he has secured a sponsorship from Isuzu Motors South Africa to participate in the Isuzu IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship:

It is important to note that du Preez is not participating in an event for persons with quadriplegia; the Isuzu IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship is a full Ironman competition with no separate category for quadriplegics.

ASI believes in inspiring and empowering individuals with spinal cord injuries and debilitating diseases to pursue their goals and dreams.  We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to helping quadriplegics achieve independence.  We customize our environmental control units and speech generating devices to accommodate each individual’s unique needs.

ASI salutes brave individuals such as du Preez who serve as role models and are living proof that even the impossible is sometimes possible.  Contact ASI today to learn more about how you, too, can achieve the independence to pursue your lifelong dreams.

jobs for quadriplegics

Job opportunities for quadriplegics are plentiful if you know what you are looking for and where to look.  Accessibility Services, Inc. takes time to feature different jobs for quadriplegics in hopes of helping you or your loved one explore different career opportunities.

This month, we are featuring the position of researcher.  What makes this job so attractive is there are vast areas and opportunities you can consider.  Stephen Hawking, for example, was one of the world’s most prolific scientific researchers.  There are also opportunities for research in the medical and mathematics fields.  Website developers often employ research assistants when developing fact-based websites.  And, media professionals need extensive research when working on in-depth articles and feature stories.  The list is almost endless!

Assistive technology for quadriplegics – including the autonoME environmental control unit / speech generating device – makes it possible for individuals with varying levels of disability to complete research projects.  Research often involves digging through published articles and publications, as well as developing and initiating case studies and surveys, all of which can be completed via the Internet.

If you or someone you love are a quadriplegic due to injury or progressive disease, it’s important to remember that there are resources that can help you achieve independence and lead a full life.  Are you a quadriplegic who is successfully employed in a research job?  If so, we would love to hear your story!

ecu control unit

Environmental control units (ECU) have transformed the lives of quadriplegics by giving them independence and the ability to control much of their surroundings.    ECU units in hospital settings have gained popularity over the years. Accessibility Services, Inc. is proud to be considered a leader in the hospital ECU field.  We have installed our autonoME – which is an integrated ECU and speech generating device – in numerous spinal cord injury units throughout the country.  Let’s take a look at some benefits of ECU control units in hospital settings.

Environmental Control

One of the primary reasons to install hospital ECU units is for its environmental control features.  ECU hospital features include the ability to adjust the bed, turn on the lights and control the television.  Empowering individuals with spinal cord injuries with a hospital ECU not only promotes independence for patients, but also frees up staff time as well.

Nurse Call Button

Traditional call buttons can be difficult to access.  A hospital ECU is equipped with an easily accessible nurse call button.

Customizable for Different Patients

Each patient has their own set of unique needs. Patients may require different input methods to operate the ECU. Hospital staff can easily customize the autonoME so patients with differing levels of spinal cord injury can easily operate the ECU.

Familiarize Patients with an ECU

ECU control units in hospitals play an important quality of life role.  Patients with spinal cord injuries benefit from using a hospital ECU while in the spinal cord injury unit.  At the same time, they learn how the ECU works so they can continue to maintain their independence when they return home.

What makes what we do so rewarding is seeing how our ECU hospital solutions have helped so many quadriplegics achieve independence!  Were you introduced to the autonoME  or hospital ECU while recovering in a spinal cord injury unit?  If so, we would love for you to share your story!

Online Service Representative

Accessibility Services, Inc. takes time each month to focus on job opportunities for quadriplegics.  We feel employment is an extremely important aspect of helping persons with quadriplegia achieve independence.  Advances in adaptive equipment for quadriplegics, assistive technology for quadriplegics and communication devices for quadriplegics have made it possible to perform tasks that were nearly impossible a decade ago.

This month’s featured job is Online Service Representative.  Online Service Representatives can work either in an office environment or at home, depending on company policies and preferences.  Job duties revolve around providing sales support, customer support and/or technical support to individuals via an online chat.  Employees in this field usually need to have good computer knowledge, ability to communicate via online chat, and knowledge of the product and /or service being represented.

Assistive technology for quadriplegics, including environmental control units (ECU units) and speech generating devices, have made it possible for quadriplegics to learn and operate the computer programs necessary to become an Online Service Representative.  Communication devices for quadriplegics and adaptive equipment for quadriplegics allow individuals to attend and actively participate in training and any staff meetings pertaining to the job.

Our autonoME is a custom environmental control unit and speech generating device conveniently integrated in a single package.  Many of our clients have pursued successful careers thanks to the autonoME.  If you or a loved one with quadriplegia are considering an Online Service Representative job, give us a call.  We can fit you with the right custom environmental control unit to help you achieve your career goals!

Quad Squad

Check this out! A group of 20 paraplegics and quadriplegics recently got together for a game of paintball:

The participants named their teams (i.e. the quad squad) then embarked on an afternoon of strategy, fun and serious paintball action.  Adaptive equipment for quadriplegics and assistive technology for quadriplegics make what seems impossible possible.  And, look at how much fun everyone had!

Accessibility Services, Inc. advocates independence, and stories like these warm our hearts.

Are you currently participating in a game, activity or sport thanks to the help of an environmental control unit, speech generating device, or another type of assistive technology for quadriplegics?  If so, we would love to learn more and feature you in our News section!

Power Pad

The wait is over.  The Power Pad is now available and this highly anticipated product definitely exceeds expectations! Power Pad is being called the industry’s most powerful, all-in-one augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) solution.  Designed for those with complex needs including quadriplegics, the Power Pad is a speech generating device like no other.  For one, it is compatible with any AAC access method.  This is important for those with progressive diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) as the Power Pad is able to accommodate different input methods as the disease progresses.

Everyone is raving about the exceptional computing performance of the Power Pad, which is powered by Grid 3 software, equipped with the Intel® Core™ i5 processor and has expanded memory.  These allow the Power Pad to operate faster and seamlessly, even while running multiple applications.  Couple this with extended battery life and a second battery which can be changed without powering down and you have one impressive unit.

Another attractive feature is the integrated EyeTech TM5 gaze camera featuring an extremely large track box designed to accommodate users with involuntary head movement.  High quality Bespoke stereo sound, shatterproof HD Gorilla Glass display and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth round out the Power Pad’s long list of impressive qualities.

If you are looking for an all-in-one augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) solution, give us a call.  We will be happy evaluate your situation to see if the Power Pad is the right AAC solution for you.

Grid Pad

The Grid Pad Go, Grid Pad Eye and Grid Pad Pro models have been replaced by the new 12” Grid Pad. This next generation Grid Pad can accommodate anyone, including quadriplegics, with complex communication and access needs.  The new Grid Pad features a rugged shell and has up to 15 hours of battery life. Perhaps most impressive is its multiple augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) access options, including touch, Eye Gaze, switch with two recessed ports and USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports that are compatible with joystick, trackball and Quha Zono head mouse.

Powered by Grid 3 software and boasting the latest generation of Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM, the next generation Grid Pad is equipped with the Windows 10 Pro operating system.  The 12.5” anti-glare hardened glass screen is another attractive feature of this unit.  It also comes equipped with a remote power button and is keyguard ready.  Oh, and let’s not forget the high-quality integrated speakers, stand, handle and mounting.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current Grid Pad or are a new user all together, Accessibility Services can help customize the right AAC solution for you.

We’ve been taking time to feature various job opportunities for quadriplegics.  This month, we will focus on motivational speaking.  Many motivational speakers have a back story they refer to when addressing a crowd.  Persons with quadriplegia definitely have a story to tell, which is why motivational speaking is one of the more popular jobs for quadriplegics.

A prime example is Chris Skinner, who we wrote about in a previous post.  He uses his story to not only prevent others from making the same mistakes he did, but to also show that despite tragic events, you can go on to lead a normal and productive life.

Motivational speaking can command a very lucrative salary, along with additional benefits including travel and meals.  Plus, you also get to meet and share your story with a lot of interesting people. Advances in adaptive equipment for quadriplegics, assistive technology for quadriplegics and communication devices for quadriplegics have all helped to make motivational speaking one of the more fun and viable jobs for quadriplegics.

Grid 3 software is an especially helpful tool when it comes to motivational speaking.  Not only does it operate with various inputs, but it allows users to conduct research on the Internet, compose a speech and control their environment.  It’s augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) features are pretty impressive as well.  Accessibility Services, Inc. powers all of our environmental control units (ECU) – including the autonoME, which is an integrated ECU/speech generating device – with Grid 3 software.

If you are considering a career in motivational speaking, give us a call.  We will make sure you have everything you need – from environmental control to AAC and more – to help fuel your success in this exciting career.

Tragedy Does Not Always Mean an End…Sometimes It’s a New BeginningWe thought we would share a story of a young man who turned a tragedy into a new beginning. A careless moment of drinking, driving and no seat belt led to a violent car crash that resulted in Chris Skinner being thrown from the vehicle and becoming a quadriplegic.

Years after the crash, Skinner met his wife Suzie.  She was his physical therapist.  They now have two children and live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Since the tragedy, Skinner  graduated from Radford University, earning a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies and a master’s degree in counseling and human development. He went on to earn a second master’s degree in Christian education from Dallas Theological Seminary.  Today, Skinner shares his story at colleges, schools and other venues throughout the country in hopes of preventing others from making the same mistake he did on that tragic day.

Read more:

Although Skinner is a person with quadriplegia, he never let it stop him from pursuing higher education, career and family.  Accessibility Services, Inc. has dedicated itself to providing independence for persons with quadriplegia.  Assistive technology for quadriplegics and communication devices for quadriplegics have come a long way over the years.  We stay on top of ever-changing technology to ensure the individuals we serve have access to the best environmental control unit / speech generating device (our signature autonoME package) on the market.

Contact us today for a free demo and consultation!