We’ve been taking time to feature various job opportunities for quadriplegics.  This month, we will focus on motivational speaking.  Many motivational speakers have a back story they refer to when addressing a crowd.  Persons with quadriplegia definitely have a story to tell, which is why motivational speaking is one of the more popular jobs for quadriplegics.

A prime example is Chris Skinner, who we wrote about in a previous post.  He uses his story to not only prevent others from making the same mistakes he did, but to also show that despite tragic events, you can go on to lead a normal and productive life.

Motivational speaking can command a very lucrative salary, along with additional benefits including travel and meals.  Plus, you also get to meet and share your story with a lot of interesting people. Advances in adaptive equipment for quadriplegics, assistive technology for quadriplegics and communication devices for quadriplegics have all helped to make motivational speaking one of the more fun and viable jobs for quadriplegics.

Grid 3 software is an especially helpful tool when it comes to motivational speaking.  Not only does it operate with various inputs, but it allows users to conduct research on the Internet, compose a speech and control their environment.  It’s augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) features are pretty impressive as well.  Accessibility Services, Inc. powers all of our environmental control units (ECU) – including the autonoME, which is an integrated ECU/speech generating device – with Grid 3 software.

If you are considering a career in motivational speaking, give us a call.  We will make sure you have everything you need – from environmental control to AAC and more – to help fuel your success in this exciting career.

Tragedy Does Not Always Mean an End…Sometimes It’s a New BeginningWe thought we would share a story of a young man who turned a tragedy into a new beginning. A careless moment of drinking, driving and no seat belt led to a violent car crash that resulted in Chris Skinner being thrown from the vehicle and becoming a quadriplegic.

Years after the crash, Skinner met his wife Suzie.  She was his physical therapist.  They now have two children and live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Since the tragedy, Skinner  graduated from Radford University, earning a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies and a master’s degree in counseling and human development. He went on to earn a second master’s degree in Christian education from Dallas Theological Seminary.  Today, Skinner shares his story at colleges, schools and other venues throughout the country in hopes of preventing others from making the same mistake he did on that tragic day.

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Although Skinner is a person with quadriplegia, he never let it stop him from pursuing higher education, career and family.  Accessibility Services, Inc. has dedicated itself to providing independence for persons with quadriplegia.  Assistive technology for quadriplegics and communication devices for quadriplegics have come a long way over the years.  We stay on top of ever-changing technology to ensure the individuals we serve have access to the best environmental control unit / speech generating device (our signature autonoME package) on the market.

Contact us today for a free demo and consultation!

Grid 3 Software UpdateGrid version 3.0.35 can be accessed in Early Access and will be available for all Grid 3 software users soon. Improvements include:

  • Grid set demo period such as PODD will start without having to run License Manager
  • Dwell activation methods with ‘repeat activation on same cell’ no longer turns off and allows repeat activations when you follow a jump into a different grid
  • Remote support features improved capture Partner ID and Password capabilities
  • Joystick scanning no longer resets when there are prediction cells in the grid
  • Grid 3 software no longer occasionally crashes when trying to print large grid sets such as PODD, WordPower or Super Core
  • ‘Set volume’ and ‘Set brightness’ commands now change color when selected.

Option to choose whether the cell is highlighted when ‘Set volume’ and ‘Set brightness’ are turned on.

Are you either preparing for or getting stared with eye gaze?  If so, Look to Learn software is a must!  If you are using an autonoME speech generating device/ECU in hospital or home, Look to Learn software offers an excellent platform to help you master and fine tune eye gaze access. Let’s take a closer look at some of its most prominent features:

  • More than 40 activities designed to help users learn and practice eye gaze.
  • Explore – Look to Learn encourages the user to utilize the entire screen
  • Target – Improves eye gaze accuracy
  • Control – Helps the user fine tune and better control eye gaze access
  • Developed with the input of teachers and therapists, Look to Learn Scenes and Sounds features 26 activities designed to help teach valuable skills.

Best of all, Look to Learn software is customizable to you.  Look to Learn software allows you to load your own images and videos for use with the activities.  It is the perfect addition to any eye gaze equipped ECU in hospital or residential settings.

Grid 3 Software – The Gold Standard in Augmentative and Alternative CommunicationAccessibility Services, Inc. is proud to offer Grid 3 software – the gold standard in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) – with the products we offer.  Whether you are considering a Grid Pad or a custom environmental control unit (ECU) / AAC package such as the autonoME,  you can count on Grid 3 software to deliver advanced features and optimal performance.

Assistive technology for quadriplegics and adaptive equipment for quadriplegics have come a long way over the years.  The autonoME – powered by Grid 3 software  – is one of the most advanced communication devices for quadriplegics on the market today, which is probably why it is considered a preferred communication device/ECU in hospital and residential settings. Let’s take a look at what makes Grid 3 software so versatile and useful when it comes to AAC:

  1. Text communication – Grid 3 software allows users to easily access text communication options. It comes with more than 5000 pre-loaded sentences as well as the ability to add your own.
  2. Symbol communication – Similar to text communication, symbol communication allows users to use symbols vs. text to communicate.
  3. Access options – Communication devices for quadriplegics should have access options to accommodate different levels and types of disabilities. Grid 3 software integrates with eye gaze, switches, sip and puff, touch screens and more.
  4. Grid sets and accessible apps – Assistive technology for quadriplegics should allow users to accomplish everyday tasks. Grid 3 software has a plethora of downloadable grid sets and accessible apps that allow users make a phone call, send an e-mail, play games, send a text, take and share photos, browse the Internet, play music and games, watch videos, etc.
  5. Computer control – Being able to use a computer is one of the most requested options when it comes to adaptive equipment for quadriplegics. Grid 3 software allows persons with quadriplegia and other disabilities to access Window based software and applications and grid sets for work, school or home.

Want to learn more about how Grid 3 software is used to power our signature autonoME ECU/speech generating device?  Give us a call and one of our experts will be happy talk with you.

Dr. Charles Krauthammer was a respected physician, columnist and news contributor who was paralyzed from the waist down as a result of a diving accident during his first year of medical school.  Despite his paralysis, he went on to finish medical school and become a psychiatrist.  He later moved to Washington D.C. and directed planning in psychiatric research for the Carter administration.

He eventually decided to focus his attention on writing, becoming a speech writer for Vice President Walter Mondale and a contributor for several newspapers and publications.  In 1985, he began writing a column for The Washington Post which won him a Pulitzer Prize in 1987.  His later life was spent as a respected columnist, contributor and political analyst.

Krauthammer passed away on June 21st at the age of 68 after a long batter with cancer.  He was married to his wife of 44 years and had one son.  Many people never even knew he was paralyzed until just before he passed away.  He never let his disability define him or get in the way of his dreams.  He is a shining example that we can truly do anything we put our minds to, even when faced with a disability.  Rest in peace, Dr. Krauthammer.

We have been highlighting various types of jobs for quadriplegics. This month, we will take a look at customer service careers.

Customer services jobs provide excellent employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. In fact, quadriplegic assistive technologies including environmental control unit (ECU) devices and a speech generating device have made it possible for persons with quadriplegia to do more than ever before! The autonoME is an integrated, custom environmental unit and speech generating device that can be personalized to each individual.

On-Site Customer Service Jobs for Quadriplegics
ECU devices have made it possible for persons with quadriplegia to become gainfully employed as on-site customer service representatives. In cases where speech is a challenge, a speech generated device can be added for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Some businesses have a customer service desk where employees answer questions and resolve issues. Others have customer service representatives on the “floor” who can be called upon to answer questions at any time.

Telephone/Virtual Customer Services Jobs for Quadriplegics
ECU devices and/or a speech generating device can help persons with quadriplegia perform the duties of a telephone and/or virtual customer service representative. There are many of these jobs available that can be performed in the comfort of your own home with a telephone line, computer and Internet connection. Quadriplegic assistive technologies including a custom environmental control unit and speech generated device can be implemented to make using a telephone and computer possible.

While the requirements vary for different businesses, the basic requirements for customer service jobs include a general knowledge about the company’s products and/or services, ability to communicate with customers, willingness to resolve customer complaints and a positive, welcoming attitude. Equipped with ECU devices and/or a speech generating device, persons with quadriplegia can excel in customer service careers!

What Can an ECU Do for YouEnvironmental control units (ECU), including hospital ECU devices, are designed to give individuals with disabilities, including quadriplegics, freedom to control their surroundings. Custom environmental control units are specially designed to meet the needs of each individual. Both hospital ECU devices and residential ECU devices provide a plethora of benefits for both users and caregivers alike.  Let’s take a closer look at some of the features of residential and hospital ECU devices:

  • Nurse / caregiver call button
  • Room control – lights, television, bed, etc.
  • Basic telephone functions
  • Windows-based computer access
  • Internet access
  • Entertainment, including online books and games
  • Photos and selfies

If speech generation is also needed, the autonoME is an integrated environmental control unit and speech generating device for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).  It can be customized with input devices to accommodate different levels of disability:

  • Voice – a directional microphone for flexibility and convenience
  • Touch – Capacitive touch screen and stylus pen
  • Switch Scanning – Single and dual switch sip and puff; ability to move down and across screen
  • Eye Tracking – move curser by staring into the camera and using your eyes
  • Head Tracking – move curser by moving your head up, down, left or right

Accessibility Services, Inc. (ASI) understands everyone’s needs are different, which is why we customize our residential and hospital ECU devices and autonoME packages to accommodate specific needs. In fact, the autonoME is becoming one of the most popular speech generating and hospital ECU devices on the market today.  We have installed units in several Veteran’s Administration hospital and private hospitals throughout the country, including a children’s specialty hospital.

Contact ASI to learn more about how our ECU devices and autonoME package can help you or a loved one become more independent.

Grid 3 Software UpdateThere is a new Grid 3 software update as well as some updated versions of Text Talker and Super Core.

Grid version 3.0.34 is available in Early Access with the following features:

  • All Acapela, CereProc and Nuance voices that are available in Grid 3 and Grid for iPad are now included
  • PCS symbols are now available in Grid 3 and Grid for iPad, allowing access to the standard symbol libraries from Widgit, SymbolStix and PCS
  • A new “Find word” feature to assist with finding words within grid sets. Also allows user to hide and reveal words from vocabulary.
  • Ability to turn on “Fast typing” for a quicker dwell speed on the keyboard when using eye gaze or a pointer. Fast typing also won’t affect the other cells in the grid set, helping to avoid accidental selections.
  • “Fast typing on cell” command to add a short dwell to other cells.
  • New “pause” for eye gaze or a head pointer with dwell users when jumping to a new grid. This short delay is designed to give users time to familiarize themselves with the new grid before dwell starts to kick in, while minimizing accidental selections
  • New, simpler eye gaze settings make it easier to find and adjust Activation, Calibration, Camera and Computer control settings
  • Symbols were sometimes not saved when editing a Write cell – this has been resolved.
  • Alea eye gaze cameras would remain active, even when it couldn’t see your eyes – this has been resolved.
  • Videos no longer play in the incorrect orientation
  • The Copy command is now fully functional in the Grid 3 web browser
  • Grid for iPad could not always connect to the App Store when renewing subscriptions – this has been resolved
  • Remote editing is now possible during the 30-day Grid for iPad free trial

In addition, there are new, updated versions of some grid sets.  Be sure to re-add these grid sets to access the latest features.
Text Talker

  • Text Talker now lets users choose between QWERTY and ABC keyboards from the settings screen within the grid set
  • Users can turn Fast typing on and off directly from the Settings grid
  • The new Message banking options enable users to record messages straight into Text Talker

Super Core

  • Super Core is now available in PCS (UK English), SymbolStix (US) and Widgit (UK and US English)]
  • The new Find word feature has now been built-in to Super Core. When you go to the keyboard grid and type your word, Super Core will then show you where to find the word

We have been featuring different jobs for quadriplegics each month. This month, our featured jobs are bookkeeper and accountant.

Adaptive equipment for quadriplegics, such as a speech generating device or custom environmental control unit, have made it easier for persons with quadriplegia to enter and/or remain in the work place. A speech generating device for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) promotes clear and easy communication among co-workers, while environmental control units for disabled individuals can be customized and equipped with adaptive inputs such as voice, touch, sip and puff, switch scanning, head tracking and eye tracking. The autonoME, for instance, is both a speech generating device and custom environmental control unit with full computing capabilities. This allows persons with quadriplegia the ability and independence to work in both individual and team environments.

Accountant jobs generally require additional schooling and/or a Bachelor’s degree. Bookkeeping jobs generally require a minimum of a high school education and good math skills. Both career paths have opportunities for work on-site and at home. Accounting jobs can range from auditing and tax accounting to overseeing the finances of a department or company. Bookkeepers often report to an accountant in large firms and are often in charge of accounts payable and receivable. The bookkeeper may be the primary person who oversees the finances in smaller companies. Accounting firms also hire bookkeepers to handle the books for their individual and business clients.

If you’ve got a knack for math, then a bookkeeper or accountant position may be the perfect fit for you. Whatever your career path, Accessibility Services, Inc. stands ready to assist. We can find the perfect environmental control unit and/or speech generating device to help you excel in your career!