autonoME Hospital


ASI’s hospital patient environmental control unit may be a retrofit or new construction system including full environmental control, augmentative alternative communication and a computer with a Windows 7 operating system. It is designed to afford patients more comfort and convenience and can be accessed by voice, touch screen, sip and puff or other dual switch input, single switch, head tracker or similar system or eye gaze for eye pupil movement.

The environmental control allows use and control of:

  • Hospital bed
  • Light
  • Telephone (with a privacy microphone and privacy speaker)
  • Television
  • Nurse call integration

Patients especially enjoy the visual feedback, verbal feedback, single and dual switch scanning and direct selection features.

  • Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC)

    The AAC has voice output choices. Software design selections are based on client need and input methods and includes word prediction software.

  • Customizable Settings

    Many of the settings are user adjustable, including scan speeds, voice outputs, and even self-calibration if using the Intelligaze camera for input. The custom software has an e-reader, music player, email, Skype, Facebook and other on line possibilities if the hospital is so equipped. There are an assortment of computer games and dwell software by Sensory Software.

  • Retrofit Construction

    We manufacturer and supply a wall cabinet to accommodate necessary components. This is placed on the headwall where space is available, and our one connecting cable runs from there to the bed using a break away connection. Nursing finds this uncluttered system much more convenient during their patient care.

  • New Construction

    We install our connecting components in the headwall keeping the installation clean and using minimal wiring. The one cable needed from the headwall to the patient bed is made in a specific manor so nursing and others can easily remove it if necessary. Please contact us for detailed information.