The True Meaning of Memorial Day

The True Meaning of Memorial Day

Summer is just around the corner, which means people will be dusting off their grills and preparing their Memorial Day picnics.  As time passes, it seems the true meaning of Memorial Day has started to fade.  While many older generations understand the purpose for the holiday, newer generations sometimes either don’t understand or misinterpret its […]

Veterans Administration Launches Website

Veterans Administration Launches “Access and Quality in VA Healthcare” Website

If you or someone you love is a veteran, the Veterans Administration (VA) has recently launched a new website you will definitely want to check out: When you land on the website home page, you will find four areas: How Quickly Can My VA Facility See Me? Click on this area to determine how quickly […]


Grid 3 Updates

Version 3.0.21 Now Available Version 3.0.22 Available on Early Access Ongoing updates, features and bug fixes all contribute to making Grid 3 software the industry gold standard.  Just like with a standard computer, tablet or smartphone, we encourage you to update your software on a regular basis to ensure you are able to take advantage […]

Look to Learn – The Quickest, Easiest Way to Learn Eye Gaze

The autonoME is equipped with the ability to use various input methods for operation.  One very popular input method is eye gaze.  Since the autonoME is both an environmental control unit (ECU) and speech generating device (SGD), eye gaze can be used for communication and tasks such as turning on lights, controlling the bed, calling […]

Employment Opportunities for Quadriplegics

Employment Opportunities for Quadriplegics

Getting back into the job market after a debilitating injury or disease can be challenging, but it is certainly not impossible.  Accessibility Service, Inc. specializes in helping quadriplegics achieve independence in their everyday lives.  The autonoME is an environmental control unit (ECU) and speech generating device (SGD) all in one package.  Its accessibility options feature […]

Maintaining Your autonoME

Maintaining Your autonoME

It is highly recommended that you conduct regular maintenance on your autonoME and its accessories.  The beauty of your environmental control unit (ECU) / speech generating device (SGD) is that it is fairly simple to clean and maintain.  The microphone, microphone widescreen, sip and puff filter and straw should be cleaned and/or replaced as needed […]

New Breakthrough Offers Hope to Those with Autoimmune Diseases

New Breakthrough Offers Hope to Those with Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS) can cause paralysis in its most progressive form.  We understand the devastating effects of MS all too well.  We have several clients who have MS and use the autonoME environmental control unit/speech generating device to help them achieve independence. Earlier this month, some promising research was released.  The […]


Have You Updated Your Grid 3 Software?

Grid 3 version 3.0.20 was released earlier this month.  If you have not yet updated your software, here are some features you can look forward to in the latest version: Updated Web Browser The updated browser is more compatible with sites such as Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp. Creating Activities The latest Grid 3 version features […]

Amazon Echo Grid Set Now Available

Amazon Echo Grid Set Now Available

The Amazon Echo now has its own grid set! The Amazon Echo took the world by storm back in December, making it one of the hottest holiday gifts. Now, users can operate the echo using their Grid Pad. You need to make sure you are using the latest Grid 3 software. Once the grid set […]

Grid Pad 8

Grid Pad Go – Now in Two Sizes!

New in 2017, the Grid Pad Go now comes in your choice of two sizes.  The Grid Pad Go 8 still has an 8” capacitive touch screen.  The latest addition – the Grid Pad Go 10 – features a 10” capacitive touch screen.  Both models boast the powerful Grid 3 software, complemented by the Windows […]

Veterans Administration Benefits

Veterans Administration Benefits

Veterans with qualifying disabilities may be eligible to receive the autonoME environmental control unit/speech generating device free of charge through the Veterans Administration (VA).  In fact, we have customized and installed the autonoME in the homes of hundreds of veterans. The autonoME is specifically designed for individuals with spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and quadriplegics […]

autonoME features Part 4

autonoME Features (part four)

Today we will take a look at the various input methods that can be used with the autonoME. Clients use the autonoME as an environmental control unit (ECU) and speech generating device (SGD). In fact, its alternative augmentative communication (AAC) features are especially popular.  Each person’s needs are different, so we customize the autonoME for […]

Self-Driving Vehicles Could Benefits Disabled

Self-Driving Vehicles Could Benefits Disabled

A recent study by the Ruderman Family Foundation in Boston highlighted how self-driving cars can benefit individuals with disabilities. According to the study, not only would the vehicles make it easier and more cost-effective for people with disabilities to travel, but it would open up a plethora of new job opportunities. While there are still […]

Golf – It’s Also “Fore” Quadriplegics

Golf – It’s Also “Fore” Quadriplegics

At ASI, independence is our business.  Perhaps this is why we get so excited when we learn of new technologies that help promote independence in the quadriplegic community.  James Gribble is a quadriplegic who was an avid golfer until he tragically broke his neck in 2008.  Gribble didn’t let his injury this stop him for […]

Did You Notice the Google Doodle?

Did You Notice the Google Doodle?

January 23rd’s Google Doodle featured Ed Roberts, a pioneer and activist who advocated for disability rights.  According to Google, January 23rd would have been his 78th birthday.  Roberts contracted polio at age 14, which resulted in him becoming a quadriplegic. He took on the role of activist after being denied his high school diploma as […]

More Breakthrough Research for Quadriplegics

More Breakthrough Research for Quadriplegics

Accessibility Services, Inc. prides ourselves on keeping up with the latest research and technology affecting quadriplegics. Knowing what breakthroughs could be on the horizon helps us prepare for possible new customization options for our autonoME environmental control unit (ECU)/speech generating device (SGD) package. 2017 started with some promising news for quadriplegics.  According to WPVI ABC-6 […]

ASI Featured in Citrus County Chronicle

ASI Featured in Citrus County Chronicle

Special thank you to Elisha Neubaue, Mike Arnold and the Citrus County Chronicle for publishing this in-depth feature on ASI: Disabled veterans with qualifying disabilities, such as ALS and some spinal cord injuries, can qualify to receive an autonoME through the Veterans Administration (VA).  We also work with private individuals, in addition to installing units […]

Lisa Swiger

ASI Featured on Veterans Radio

ASI was very excited to be invited as a guest on Veterans Radio.  Our own Lisa Swiger talked with Veterans Radio hosts Bob Gould and Dale Throneberry about the autonoME, which is installed in several Veterans Administration (VA) Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) units through the U.S. They also touched on how veterans who are quadriplegic […]

Disabled Veterans Continue to Gain Independence Through Assistive Technology

Disabled Veterans Continue to Gain Independence Through Assistive Technology

Accessibility Services, Inc. Awarded New Contract to Equip VA Hospitals with the autonoME Environmental Control/Speech Generation Package Accessibility Services, Inc. (ASI) in Homosassa, Florida announced that they have been awarded a new Veterans Administration (VA) contract to equip spinal cord injury units with their signature autonoME environmental control unit (ECU) / speech generating device (SGD) […]

autonoME Features (part three)

As you know, the autonoME is an environmental control unit (ECU) and speech generating device (SGD) all in one single, convenient, integrated package.  We’ve been highlighting different features of the autonoME, and today we are going to talk about how it performs as an SGD. The autonoME includes all of the features of a traditional […]

autonoME Features (part two)

This is part two of a multi-part series highlighting the features of the autonoME environmental control unit (ECU)/speech generating device (SGD) package. Last time, we discussed how the autonoME controls television.  Today, we are going to explore some additional ways the autonoME can be used for entertainment. Games The autonoME is equipped with a number […]

autonoME Features (part one)

This is first of a multi-part series where we will go in-depth and discuss the features of the autonoME.  As you know, the autonoME combines both environmental control and speech generation in one single package. This offers individuals full alternative augmentative communication (AAC) and the ability to control their environment with the same device. There […]

Donation Helps 20-Year-Old Anoxic Brain Injury Patient Become More Independent

Manny and His autonoME Featured in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Special thank you to Billy Cox and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune for publishing the wonderful article on how Manny Galan is using the autonoME to gain independence.  Manny graduated high school in June aspires to study nuclear engineering in college with the help of his new autonoME. Read the full story.

Caregivers – Behind the Scenes Heroes

Caregivers – Behind the Scenes Heroes

Caregivers – especially those caring for a quadriplegic – make monumental sacrifices to ensure their loved ones can enjoy a quality life.  Caregiving is not a nine to five job.  It is a 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year commitment to ensuring the each and every need of the […]

Microsoft DisAbility Scholarship

The autonoME’s full augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) capability and environmental control make it possible for quadriplegics to continue their education and pursue their dreams.  You probably remember the story of Manny Galan, the young man from North Port, Florida who aspires to study nuclear engineering with the help of his new autonoME. Did you […]

It Can Happen to Anyone…

It Can Happen to Anyone…

Life is very precious – and often times much more fragile than we think.  The dedicated staff at ASI works with quadriplegics every day.  And, each day, we meet people whose lives have been changed forever.  The truth is, we are all just one accident or disease away from being one of the clients we […]

A Closer Look at the autonoME

The autonoME package was born out of the need to combine environmental control with speech generation.  The result is a more compact and convenient package designed with the quadriplegic and his/her caregivers in mind.  The autonoME not only features full environmental control, but augmentative alternative communication (AAC) as well.  And, let’s not forget to mention […]

A Breakthrough in ALS?

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a devastating, progressive neurogenerative disease that impairs the brain’s ability to control muscle movement.  ALS leads to complete paralysis, which is why people affected by the disease become quadriplegics.  ALS is devastating for both the person with the disease as well as their family and friends. However, some promising new […]

The autonoME of the future?

Our autonoME environmental control unit (ECU) / speech generating device (SGD) package offers the most comprehensive and latest features available for the commercial marketplace. ASI has earned a reputation for remaining on the cutting edge of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and environmental control. As a result, our autonoME packages have gone through numerous upgrades […]

Michael Lawrence Promoted to Product Representative for the Northeastern United States

We are excited to announce the recent promotion of Michael Lawrence to Product Representative for the northeastern United States. He joined ASI in February 2014 while still in college. He was promoted to Inventory Specialist and then to Sales Operations Coordinator before being elevated to his current position. As Sales Operations Coordinator, Lawrence focused on […]

You and Me – a Documentary of Hope and Perseverance

David “Barney” Miller has lived life as a quadriplegic for 17 years.  After a tragic car accident, doctors told him he would be unable to breathe on his own or use his legs or right arm again. Prior to the accident, Miller was an avid surfer, emerging onto the professional surfing scene.  Through the support […]

Check Out Our New Product Gallery!

We are excited to announce the addition of a product gallery to our website.  This new section offers detailed specifications for both our signature autonoME Residential Package as well as the various Grid Pad models, including the Grid Pad Pro, Grid Pad Eye and Grid Pad Rugged. In addition to learning more about hardware options, […]

Manny is at it Again!

You probably remember the story of Manny Galan, the young man who suddenly went into cardiac arrest at the age of 14 and suffered an anoxic brain injury.  Accessibility Services, Inc. was moved by Manny’s story and drive to complete high school in hopes of attending college. We donated an autonoME package consisting of an […]

Employment Opportunities for Quadriplegics

Donation Helps 20-Year-Old Anoxic Brain Injury Patient Become More Independent

North Port Man Who Clinically Died Now Aspires to Pursue a Nuclear Engineering Degree Thanks to the autonoME Manny Galan was a healthy, overachieving, energetic 14-year-old whose life was forever changed in 2010 when he suddenly went into cardiac arrest while on vacation with his family. A blood clot traveled to his heart through an […]

Latest Report on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

The National ALS Registry collects data on ALS to examine the incidence, prevalence and risk factors of the disease. The latest report, released just last week, indicates ALS is more common among white males and persons aged 60–69 years. There was an increase in the prevalence of ALS, jumping from an estimated 4.7 cases per […]


529 Able Accounts Offer New Savings Option for Individuals with Lifelong Disabilities

The 529 Able Account is a new type of tax-free savings account that will soon be available to individuals who become blind or disabled before the age of 26. The 529 Able Account was created as a result of the Achieving a Better Life Experience Act of 2014 (ABLE Act). People with disabilities have a […]

An Inspiring Note from Margarita Chapman

As a follow-up to a previous story about Eric and Margarita Chapman, we wanted to share this note from Margarita:

Meet a Beautiful Couple

A few weeks ago, a story aired on ABC Action News (WFTS) in Tampa, Florida about a gentleman named Robert McGruder and his friend, Eric Chapman.  Eric has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).  He dreams of having a covered outdoor patio to enjoy what precious time he has left. Constructing a patio is quite costly, so […]

Swim Free!

Here is an interesting story out of southern Australia.  Paraplegics and quadriplegics are learning how to scuba dive as part of their therapy.  Muscle atrophy (decrease in the mass of the muscle) occurs when muscles are not used, and is common among those who are paralyzed. Hydrotherapy – in this case, scuba diving – allows […]

Saving a Life

Saving a Life – Part 2

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to a brave young man who became a quadriplegic as a result of a car accident.  Despite his paralysis, he re-learned how to play guitar and founded Music in Motion Foundation to inspire others through both music and his own testimony. There is another young quadriplegic who is […]

Microchip Technology Offers New Hope for Quadriplegics

Researchers at The Ohio State University Neurological Institute have successfully implanted a microchip into the motor cortex of a 24-year-old quadriplegic by the name of Ian Burkhart. This chip reads brain activity and, using a signal decoder and special sleeve, actually allows the Burkhart to control movement of his arm. While there is still much […]

Saving a Life

Saving a Life – Part 1

We thought we would share this inspiring story of a brave young man who became a quadriplegic. A car accident stole most of his movement, but certainly not his brilliant mind: Watch the latest video at Many quadriplegics – even those who are unable to speak – have bodies that are paralyzed, but their […]

What a WONDERful Moment!

Every once in awhile, someone says something so profound, it becomes a moment worth repeating over and over again. Singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder presented at the 2016 Grammy awards.  Since he is blind, he did not have the benefit of using a teleprompter when revealing the Song of the Year.  Instead, he read the name of […]

The autonoME in Action

Robert Oxford, a quadriplegic, finds independence through his autonoME environmental control unit (ECU).

ASI “Partied like Rock Stars” at the 2015 Florida Companies to Watch Awards Dinner

We were honored to be recognized at the 2015 Florida Companies to Watch awards ceremony.  Our own “rock star” Maggie accepted the award.  We want to thank GrowFL and the Edward Lowe Foundation for all they do to recognize and support second stage businesses. Enjoy the photo gallery and smartphone video of some of the […]

Lisa Swiger

Lisa Swiger Elected to Board of Directors of Citrus County Harvest, Inc.

Accessibility Services Inc. Program Director to Serve as Marketing Chair for Citrus County Blessings Program (Homosassa, FL) – Accessibility Services, Inc. (ASI) announced today that Lisa Swiger, Program Manager, was elected to the Board of Directors of Citrus County Harvest, Inc. a 501(c)(3) that operates the Citrus County Blessings (Blessings) program. Blessings provides nutritional breakfasts, […]

VA Long Beach Opens Spinal Cord Injury Long Term Care Unit

Congratulations to the VA Long Beach and Paralyzed Veterans of America on the opening of the new Spinal Cord Injury Long Term Care Unit. This high-tech facility is designed to provide veterans with spinal cord injuries permanent housing with specialized care and support. ASI is proud to be part of this exciting project! Special thank […]

Device lets Lakeland couple communicate once again

Special thank you to Robin Williams Adams for writing such a heartwarming story for The Ledger.  We were honored to have had the opportunity to work with Alfred, Anna and the Dream Foundation!

Accessibility Services, Inc. Among 2015 Florida Companies to Watch℠ Honorees

Leading Provider of Environmental Control Units Chosen From Over 500 Nominees Accessibility Services, Inc. (ASI) announced today that it is among 50 statewide companies selected from more than 500 nominees for Florida Companies to Watch℠, a statewide program managed by economic development group GrowFL, in association with the Edward Lowe Foundation. ASI joins an esteemed […]

ASI Partners with Dream Foundation to Fulfill Final Wish

Environmental Control Unit (ECU) Allows 84-year-old with Parkinson’s Disease to Communicate with His Wife Eighty-four year old Alfred Combee had quite an active life. The former fire investigator was also an avid wildlife photographer. He and his wife Anna loved to mountain bike together. Three years ago, Alfred found out he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s […]