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There are many environmental control units (ECUs) and speech generating devices on the market today, making it very confusing to understand both the differences and benefits. So, what makes the autonoME different from traditional ECUs and SGDs? Well, for starters, the autonoME transforms a high level SGD into a high level integrated ECU and SGD. In other words, you get all of the good stuff in one single package!

The autonoME is actually a package consisting of a Grid Pad by Smartbox, select environmental control accessories and the experienced installation services of an ASI technician. It is the first of its kind to integrate both comprehensive ECU and SGD technology in a single package.

Let’s take a look at the autonoME’s available features and how it compares to most single ECUs and SGDs*:

Technology evolves quickly and through the years, our clients count on us to offer the most integrated and advanced ECU/SGD options on the market.

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Everything You Need in One Convenient Package

The autonoME features a portable tablet PC running Windows 10 OS and a Grid Set ready for voice control, switch control, eye control and touch. The Home menu as well as other menus can be customized for your particular needs. You can also download other Grid Sets from the user library.

One of the most popular features of the autonoME is the installation, training and ongoing technical support, so you do not have to install and learn it on your own.  Installations and training typically take 10-20 hours, broken out over the course of two to three days.

Popular features include:

Environmental Control

Allows you to control your:

  • Television
  • Cable /satellite box
  • Stereo system
  • Lights
  • Bed
  • Landline telephone and/or android smartphone
  • Thermostat
  • Fans
  • Front door cameras
  • Door openers
  • Alert chime
  • Window shades/blinds

Augmentative Alternative Communication

  • Text and symbol communication
  • Create and save messages
  • Voice banking
  • Use Model Talker voice
  • Full computer control; control Windows desktop and applications using eye gaze or voice dictation
  • Open Internet browsers
  • Control Windows based programs
  • Sync e-mail account with Grid 3 for ease of viewing and use
  • Create, save, edit and send documents through Grid 3
  • Calculator
  • Two-way camera to take photos or selfies
  • Social media, Facebook and Twitter
  • Address book to create contacts for e-mail and text and phone


  • YouTube
  • Kindle reader
  • Solitaire
  • Chess
  • Internet radio
  • Music and video downloads player

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